Exploration of a New World


Here to see the band

Water Street Tavern Blues

Loud kids. Feisty youngins

Choosing songs on the Juke

Old bluesers and collage kids

Underworld Blues Band

Love this scene

That Bartends a cool kid

Five String Bass lookin gooood

Dropin cymbal shots. Drinking kool


Explore Three.

Flywheel {Invertipendula Test}

1) trim tube ends
2) fill with sand
3) seal ends
4) join two ends
5) mark and cut wheel

Gossamer Thread Project Band

Evolving Membership

Morphing Band

Song driven by Part/Instrument necessity. Scored from MIDI Performance. Base track containing other voices.



Like Shark Skin

In Fluidics there’s a complex observation, smooth boat hulls (in laminar flow) experience laminar cohesion.

This slows the forward motion- rough surfaces do not experience this, their dynamic is more complex, a set of “eddies” swirl about the hull improving flow by reducing cohesion.

Unit Grey

Paint is on the Hull

61 61


Must Prime Oak Keels and Skeg

I have primer for wood that is needed to prep the surface for the top side paint´┐╝.

Glassing Done