Exploration of a New World


Now the Trailer

Need to trim the cardboard test template

All done. Ready for Spring

Here are the pictures

Boom nice and high.
Forward Stay
Rudder. Tiller.


Gravity goes wild and flys upon Snow White warmth.

Legs feel weird.


Moon Set Icon

Moon touching water icon.

Need to add pictures.

Lots of stuff working now.

Pram Floor Bed System

Watts Pram Floor becomes camper design idea. Floorboards are latched into place on the floor. When time to camp these floorboards detach and reattach to fill between the seats making a bed. Cushions on the seats backs move to make the bed whole. Also the floor can have knee cushions as part of the puzzle.

As part of his camper system heavy sail cloth can serve as both a cover and a tent roof. Flaps tucked up when a cover can rotate down to make the tent sides and Velcro or magnet to boat’s sheer.

New Shop

The new work shop is getting better.

There are lots more cheesy power tools. I feel at home some how.