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The base concept is that by using simple machines in a passive way we can design a home based electrical generator that is SAFE and low cost.

1) A Pendulum can drive a Flywheel.

2) water can be slowly siphoned uphill.

3) The weight of water can be applied to a Pendulum’s swing maintaining its motion.

4) The immersed draw tube explained:

A) As the Higher Vessel fills it is supplied by an Immersed Draw Tube (IDT).

B) The Transport Tube (TT) is a small ID equaling less volume than the IDT.

C) The Return Tube (RT) is also the Input Weight as it is coiled an sits on the Balance Beam. At the bottom of its motion a valve opens and inlets air into this tube and it is emptied into the Main Tank. At this point the RT is lighter than the Balance Beam Counterweight and returns to Zero Point. This way the Main Tank is refilled and the process is restarted.

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Add to this the Step Up ID concept where a smaller ID tube is fitted to a lager ID tube that leads into the upper “Bowl”…

As it draws into the the upper bowl the force of the larger water volume can pull water higher through the smaller tube…

See video.