Exploration of a New World


Boat Wheels

Pictures to follow

Symmetry or Not

What would the effect of asymmetry on the FW be?

Would it make an irregular motion pattern that would aid in the persistence?

Singing AL Bridge

Attractive U-channel

Forming die

Hole pattern


1) Bend Linings for top

2) Fit Neck

3) Glue Linings

4) Cut top

5) Glue Neck

6) Glue Top

7) Design Nut and Bridge

Music Theory Kool Tricks

This link explains Key Signatures well:


Cowboy Coffee

Warmed water…

add coffee…boil 2-3 minutes…

cool a bit…

pour cold water on top (proportionally small amount)

This drops the grounds to the bottom…

The boiling reduces the acid in the brew…

add warm water if needed till the flavor is as you like it…

Pendulums the Same

See post below for construction of all weighted parts.

Heavy Metal

Nuts, Bolts and Washers as FW Ballast.

Holes evenly spaced about the perimeter.

Washers arranged on both sides of the center Plywood wheel.

Paint wheel prior to attaching weights.

Cover with split flexible PVC tubing.

Water Barrel

Add a vessel to the base of a down spout.

Run a small hose from this barrel into the basement.

This is the weight for SIPS.

Singing Wood Bridge

As the strings leave the bridge headed for the Stop they bend over the back of the bridge.

This relays more vibration to the bridge.

Now to design the Tone Wood Foot that will send energy directly to the tone wood via an adjustable foot.


Singing Woody Bridge

Slotted wood Bridge carries wood saddles

Slots ray at string paths

Slip fit Saddles seat into Bridge Base

New Guitar Tools

Special Blades For Scraping Glue From Fret Slots

Fret Nipper/puller

25.5 Neck Scale



Semi neck

Semi 2

Semi Hallow

Sides and Back

Studio Notes

Master Mix output

Added ProTools Chorus for sweetening

On “Sing the Sea To Me”

Greatly expanded the stereo field depth and width.

P. A. D.

Posture Accordance Design


Bike Wheel

Tire filled with cement


Blade Runner Table Saw

Small Bench-top Drill Press

Safety Planer for Drill Press

Sanding Disc for Drill Press

Arbor Press

Fret Pressing Die Set for Arbor Press

Japanese Fret Saw

Fret Shaping File Set

Coping Saw

Wood Vice


Guitar Neck Cradle for fret pressing (make custom)