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Keel and Gar

The three Keel planks and the Gar planks are done in two sessions.

Here is the fabric ready to start.

Nearly All Sanded

Pictures showing the resulting copper wire ends.

Red Banana gets Winter Knight SD PU

Time for Glassing Test

Using a small piece of the boat’s plywood try glassing and painting.

Layout Polyester Hull Pieces

First Test how well the fabric and resin conform and adhere.

Fillets On Planks

Rounding plank edges for Glassing.

Japanese Draw Saw

Does it Again! It is trimming the hull steps and cutting right through the copper wire. I’m smoothing the transitions for glassing.

I have decided to overlap across the seams. This needs to be tested.

Names For Wooden Children

The Knight

Black Gibson SG Jr (USA)

Red Banana

Red Epi LP Special (Indonesia)

Blu Boy

Baby Blue Dano U-3 (Korea)

Golden Child

Sunburst Fender Squire ’59 (Indonesia)

Winged Hog

Black DeArmond Jet Bass (Korea)

Boundless Space

70s Black Ibanez Fretless “P” Bass (Japan)

Tight Box

Natural Larevee Parlor Acoustic with Fishman (Canada)

Boom Boom

Natural Yamaha Dreadnaught Cutaway with factory Pickup (China)


50s Brown Faux Grain Stella Parlor Acoustic (USA)

Popper Head

Sunburst Johnson Resophonic (?)

All Wood Design


Lite Padded Chair with back

Lite Padded Bench for Two With Back

Lite Padded Guitar with Back

Search for best foam

Find best wood

Head Full of Lies

Mad Children

Toys perverse

Filled with anger

No release

No way home

No safety.

How to Fair the New Planks

A combination of rounding the board edges and filling the angles remaining

Reused Wood Tenor Guitars

Piece by piece design:

As each layer/component of the composite is refaced it is measured and recorded. These models have mapped appearances close to the real look.

A virtual build of the pre-shaped composite is modeled. Then shaping is performed in stages similar to the real hand production.

Then rounding and blending is applied, again like the real work. A transformation video will be made using both virtual and real photos and live video.

Flipped the Pram

Using a block and tackle we were able to flip the Pram over onto sawhorses

Now to trim the wires and fare the hull

Also time to trim the ends of the planks to the bow and stern bulkheads

The edges of the planks need to be rounded to allow good material bonding

12.5 Inflatable Wheel

Pumping the water in.

Air bubbles are trapped.

Submerge Wheel to let air out

Submerge whole pump and wheel to fill


One pushes on the bow. Down.

This will lift the stern. She will spin then. Boat Wheel glide nicely.

Boat Wheels

Pictures to follow

Symmetry or Not

What would the effect of asymmetry on the FW be?

Would it make an irregular motion pattern that would aid in the persistence?

Singing AL Bridge

Attractive U-channel

Forming die

Hole pattern


1) Bend Linings for top

2) Fit Neck

3) Glue Linings

4) Cut top

5) Glue Neck

6) Glue Top

7) Design Nut and Bridge

Music Theory Kool Tricks

This link explains Key Signatures well:


Cowboy Coffee

Warmed water…

add coffee…boil 2-3 minutes…

cool a bit…

pour cold water on top (proportionally small amount)

This drops the grounds to the bottom…

The boiling reduces the acid in the brew…

add warm water if needed till the flavor is as you like it…

Pendulums the Same

See post below for construction of all weighted parts.

Heavy Metal

Nuts, Bolts and Washers as FW Ballast.

Holes evenly spaced about the perimeter.

Washers arranged on both sides of the center Plywood wheel.

Paint wheel prior to attaching weights.

Cover with split flexible PVC tubing.

Water Barrel

Add a vessel to the base of a down spout.

Run a small hose from this barrel into the basement.

This is the weight for SIPS.