Exploration of a New World

Names For Wooden Children

The Knight

Black Gibson SG Jr (USA)

Red Banana

Red Epi LP Special (Indonesia)

Blu Boy

Baby Blue Dano U-3 (Korea)

Golden Child

Sunburst Fender Squire ’59 (Indonesia)

Winged Hog

Black DeArmond Jet Bass (Korea)

Boundless Space

70s Black Ibanez Fretless “P” Bass (Japan)

Tight Box

Natural Larevee Parlor Acoustic with Fishman (Canada)

Boom Boom

Natural Yamaha Dreadnaught Cutaway with factory Pickup (China)


50s Brown Faux Grain Stella Parlor Acoustic (USA)

Popper Head

Sunburst Johnson Resophonic (?)

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