Exploration of a New World

Pillow Yoga


I am not a yoga instructor. These entries are only meant as accounts of my own explorations into stretching as a way of healing myself.

In my condition crawling about on the floor can be quite painful.

I have been doing Yoga-like stretching on my very soft bed.

My favorite so far is The Child.

I move slowly and sense where and how my weight is acting on each part of my body. If I go to hard or long I know I’ll only injure my self and loose ground.

This Child Pose can lead into gentile Cat-Cow hip movements.

I pay extra attention to my wrists and ankles as the softness of the futon can cause imbalance, fumbling about and one can easily twist and or hyperextend the ankles and wrists.

I also do leg stretches on my back. Drawing my foot up to my lap.

Hip twists are good and are done by alternate toe pointing and twisting ones hips “down”.

Please use great care and feel better!

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