Exploration of a New World

SIP’er (Secondary Inverted Pendulum)

This is an idea that has been brewing in one form or another for many years

How to make a weight fall over and over and then how to tap energy from that action

In the entries below I explain the ideas that have now lead to this one core idea:

If a weight is in motion and held in place by a magnet when that motion hits a stop

And the weight is released from the first and magnet it can continue to fall towards a second magnet

While the weight falls it attracts to this other magnet, it picks up speed from the combined energy of the magnet and gravity

This weight now impacts a stop position and and is held by the second magnet

Both of these impacts send energy into the ascending pendulum and return it to its apex

This system is using magnetic power to allow a weight to sip the power of gravity

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  1. This is the White Paper intro


    February 7, 2018 at 11:45 am

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