Exploration of a New World

AHM Cigar Box Bridge Design

Tailpiece and through neck Bridge Design

1) Neck is in clearance under the Box top, just under, ~.050″ gap.

2) Clearance holes in Box top are covered by Bridge and allow pass through of support pins:

      These support pins bare partial load from the downward string pressure yet are tolerances to allow seating of the Bridge on the top face of the box as to transfer vibration to the box top.  These posts are not fixed to the Bridge and seat into holes on the underside of the Bridge only contacting on their top faces, this allows the protection of the Box top yet will not limit vibration.

3) Neck is mounted to the side walls of the Box and glued to “U” hole and the bottom of the neck to the right side wall.  Here the strap button is screwed into the end of the neck through this wall.  Paper should be removed to make wood to wood contact at glue joints. 

4) Exterior paper surfaces can be lightly spray varnished in coats (using care not to damage the paper in the first coat by “wetting through”).  This initial coat must be lightly applied.

5) holes like the pick up hole can be dressed with an edging material like flexible metal or plastic “L” extrusion (or “U” form). This will protect the exposed paper edge.

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