Exploration of a New World

The olde tub….Fluidic Explorations, New Ideas

Fun with water.

Chapter One

Head Pressure is the Force of Nature that fuels this study.

Needed Section Supplies:

We used a utility tub/sink as the “lab space” and it works well.  PROTECT ALL ELECTRICAL DEVICES AND EACH OTHER 

1) Saftey Glasses

2) Rain Suites

3) Fume Mask for gluing ops

4)  Tubes and Connectors as shown. We like McMaster-Carr Supply, good folks…and or many other supplers.


Please watch supplied videos and read Blog Entries to start Class Interaction and Inventive Process. 

Please craft needed unit materials to support Scientific Process.  This is the real focus of this unit.

Each group can expand on the video and written information to facilitate current grade level and “in place” school structure.

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