Exploration of a New World

The Return System

Here is the cruxt of the matter. How to return the water to the high point?

When the Waterfall Bottle (WFB) has reached its bottom position the valve at the bottom of the WFB is opened as the open to air valve is opened at the top of the “Buffer Sistern” to do this it is critical that the City Water Input Valve is closed first! So doing the water is pushed back up the Small Return Tube and pours back into the top of the Buffer Sitern.

The WFB is then returned to its high position by the Counter Weight and the cycle starts again. 

The key element is the Buffer Sistern, it has two states: 1) pressurized where the City Water Source Valve is open presureizing the tank so as to fill the WFB, 2) open to air allowing the return of water to the top of the tank. This Buffer Sistern (BS) and its layer of air at the top has yet to be prototyped…where should the City Water pipe enter? Likely under the water line.

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