Exploration of a New World




Bigger Boat

Works well with electric motor. Pymatuning is very nice. Great Lake and people. Loved our whole time. Very clean and safe. Very communal experience with kind words and helpfulness.


Got a bunch done yesterday by designing on the fly.

Times and Past Things

We are together today and can spend this time alone in thought

Alone while together

Safe in our spaces, safe in our own thoughts

When we are thinking of past things

How things happened. The friends we had.

The times we held together when we were alone

Walking alone on a empty street on the way to a friend

Vanilla Cake With Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe | Bon Appétit

This vanilla cake is mixed entirely by hand—no mixer required. Frost the two layers with vanilla cream cheese frosting.
— Read on www.bonappetit.com/recipe/vanilla-cake

More Cool Guitars

Pic are soon!

Rain and bugs on The Pram

Boom tent design is needed. In “low position” this tent needs to keep Pram interior dry.

In up position bug netting will keep biters away.

When roof is up tent can cover roof and make a houseboat complete.

How clever to sail as a houseboat. How to handle the lines? Likely just on motor then.

More Pram Ideas

Padded secondary floorboards that are bed base could play triple service as roof.

Slats stowed under thwarts play double service as roof supports.

These features require low profile attachment fittings.

First set are level with the thwarts for bed.

Second set are along the gunnels for roof.

In each case take care not to allow finger entrapment. Both in the use and unused condition.

Four sided L shaped seats not full five sided boxes. Pull pins can lock slats in position.

Same pull pins can hold padded floors in place during sailing.

All three configurations must be seaworthy and withstand capsizing and bailout.

Tape deck stack

Will the compressor fit on the rack?